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'Professional Photographer of the Year 2011' by the Guild of Professional Photographers

Planning Matters

Local Authority planning is greatly assisted by Drone aerial photography. Show proposed site developments ‘in situ’ to surrounding areas.  Assist the decision making process and the ability to ‘visualise’ proposals as they will look from ‘up there’.  This is the seagulls view, the passing pigeons view – and so much better than the view from an aeroplane or helicopter, and far cheaper.  Standard aerial photography always shows too much ‘roof’ of buildings, and presents things little better than a map or plan.  This unique 45 degree perspective is both pleasing to the eye, and gives a better opportunity to evaluate proposals. Using the 'go anywhere' drone that is capable of still or video from up to 400 feet above ground, we can produce the right images for your application or dispute.  Costs are highly competive. Call for a quote on 07890 448805