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Roof Survey

Detailed photographic roof surveys assist in determining the condition of a roof, with close up detail of any problem areas.  Making huge saving on expensive scaffolding and dangerous ladders, a photographic roof survey is a cost effective way to view any roof. The survey can be accompanied by a full report from professional roof repair agents if required.  These surveys offer (for example) churches a huge saving on their 5 yearly roof inspections (Quinquennial Report) without the need for scaffolding and ladders.  If no repair work is thereby deemed necessary, the cost of scaffolding has been saved. Our Drone (known as a UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can fly up to 400 feet above ground, can access areas impossible to see and hover near any trouble spots to obtain high resolution still or video images. Clients may view the camera image on real time video screen. directing the pilot to the areas needed to be photographed

Costs: £400 (half day) or £750 full day + travel.