drone photography

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The Weather Factor:

Drone operation is limited by wind strength. We can operate the Drone up to 15 MPH wind speed at ground level.  For any wind strength greater that these values, Drone Photography is not possible. However, we will make every effort to provide your photographs at the earliest available time thereafter. The second factor is available light. The ideal operating times are between 10am - 5pm (summer) and 11am - 2pm (winter). A bright day without direct sunlight (thin cloud) is ideal, but sunlight is helpful for 'modelling' in some situations. We will advise on the circumstances and only operate to the best situation. Time of day is the third factor - i.e. the direction of the light. The direction that a building faces (south / north / etc) for example may dictate the best operating time - morning or afternoon. Again, our experienced operators will advise.